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  • Passion &



         Intimate Wholeness


    Understanding and safety Transforming power Meaning Purpose
  • Healing &




    Grace and Freedom. Fulfillment

  • Our Mission: Family, marriage and couples therapy including young children. Our Mission

    More than just counselling! Proven transformation and healing, for a seeking Christian community.

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  • Our Purpose: Grief, loss and depression psychotherapy. Our Purpose

    Setting hearts free to really live the fully human lives of grace and freedom Christ promised to us all.

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  • Our Practice: Christian addiction, anger, anxiety and career counselling. Our Practice

    In an atmosphere completely free of shame or judgment, we simply provide the highest standard of professional care for all who seek our help.

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Premium Care

  • Uniquely integrated

    Experience a registered Provisional Psychologist providing Registered Christian Psychological Counseling.

  • Relaxed Atmosphere

    Comfortable, quiet and nowhere near clinical. We and our associates offer a safe place for you to have a coffee and unwind.

  • 90 Min. Sessions Available

    Forget about the clock! Understanding anyone's thoughts and feelings takes time, and we make sure you have it.

  • Trusted Experience

    More then nineteen years of professional excellence in calling hearts and relationships back to life!

  • Judgment Free

    Your heart is safe here. It's all about strengthening people and marriages - not taking them apart.

  • Husband/Wife Team

    Trust those who have been there and value your commitment as much as you do.

  • New Covenant Faith

    Relationship, freedom and grace! Reclaim the choices you never thought were available to you.

  • Values Based

    Marriages restored, intimacy transformed, families preserved, dignity protected and freed people empowered.


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403 819 3545 (Text message capable) (iMessage capable)

403 819 3545, (Toll Free) 1 877 922 3143

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