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Spiritual Direction Calgary

Spiritual Direction Calgary.

You don't have to go there alone!

We'd all like life to be a smooth and comfortable ride. A place free of broken relationships, shattered dreams, wayward children/spouses and unanswerable questions that leave our hearts broken and our dreams shattered.

Unfortunately, life rarely works out that way. Even when things are going well, life is often still a struggle. The more complicated life becomes, the more we search for spiritual direction and for someone to help us cope with the grief counselling and even the PTSD treatment that is sometimes necessary. We know the answers are inside - somewhere.


But, how can we ever get to them when we feel this depth of lostness and aloneness? And, how can anyone find a spiritual director where you can be sure that your faith and spiritual side is being treated with the respect it deserves? And, if you've discovered that, then how does Spiritual Direction address the depths of pain and loss - much less even begin to address the PTSD symptoms?

There are so many options to choose from: Spiritual Direction Calgary, Grief Counselling Calgary, Christian Counselling Calgary, PTSD Treatment Calgary - it's enough to make your head spin. How can anyone put it all together?

  • Spiritual Direction Calgary
  • Grief Counselling Calgary
  • PTSD Treatment Calgary

Spiritual Direction Calgary/Grief Counselling Calgary:

So many of the clients I see feel like they have run the gauntlet - twice. First, they experienced a heartbreaking loss of a person, life goal or precious relationship which left their world in tatters and their future in ruins. And then, they sought help...

They went from pastors or priests to EMDR therapists through PTSD support groups and then explored the individual and group based grief counselling Calgary has to offer. Many even ended up in medical clinics swimming in a sea of anti-depressant medications and anti-anxiety drugs while others just resorted to drowning their pain through alcohol or street drugs.

And, all they really wanted was for someone just to listen...

A grief counsellor to genuinely care (and offer the immediate answers) and then a spiritual director to then help them listen to that Still Small Voice inside of them and find the real answers - the answers that really matter in the task of grief and trauma healing.

PTSD Treatment Calgary:

If we dig deep under all of the complex lists of symptoms and the endless theories of what causes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, all we really find is a broken sense of self. It's like the pain somehow got inside and left you feeling like you deserved to be hurt. Somehow, in that soul wrenching moment of anguish, the true self got lost and replaced with a different one - a part of you that feels like it no longer deserves to live.

Yes, the flashbacks can be terrifying, the anxiety paralyzing, the detachment confusing and the emotional outbursts embarrassing - but none of that matters nearly as much as that deep awareness that you've lost your self and can't even begin to know where to start looking.

It's absolutely normal to feel those intense feelings of unreality and depersonalization.

And, you don't have to continue to live with them.

Christian Grief Counselling Calgary: A holistic approach to change:

Real healing demands a holistic approach, where the Spiritual Direction, Christian Counselling, Grief Counselling and PTSD Treatment all fit together with cutting edge treatment modalities that address such within the couple relationship (Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples with Trauma.)

  • Spiritual Direction Calgary: This is where we learn how to hear the voice of God in the deepest places of our hearts. It's not about yet another theology lesson; it's about a relationship - a place of profound and intimate belonging. It's about learning to be still and silent so the Maker of our hearts can speak to our hearts - especially in the broken places of our hearts that most need His healing.
  • Christian Counselling Calgary: Anyone can call themselves a spiritual director - but, for you to really feel safe and confident, that has to be backed by knowledge. That has to be supported by a Master's Degree in Christian Counselling and years of study of how to integrate spiritual truth with psychological knowledge. All truth is God's truth - provided the pieces getput together correctly.
  • PTSD Treatment Calgary: One of the core treatments we use is called Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFT). IFT is not just another set of symptom management techniques, it's about applying our understanding of how we attach to others in our external world to the task of putting our shattered internal worlds back together. IFS takes informed consent incredibly seriously - even to the internal world of the person. It overrules and silences nothing within the heart of the person just to gain temporary relief (as so much of exposure therapy and even EMDR does) and, instead, rapidly allows each person to become their own therapist for any traumatized part of of their mental and emotional world in a powerfully self-honouring way.
  • Panic & Anxiety Treatment Calgary: One of the core treatments we use is called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT is not about running away from our pain and trauma - it's about developing the trust in ourselves and the skills in coping with anxiety and panic attacks to walk right into them and experience them differently. This is where the Spiritual Direction component becomes so essential. You simply do not have to walk into those places of deep grief and pain alone nor depend on your own wisdom to transform those ashes into beauty.
  • Grief Counselling Calgary: It's natural to want to avoid pain - it's just not healthy... Learning how to face pain and discovering how to allow it to teach and transform you is essential to a whole and fulfilling life of personal contentment and intimate relationships. Your heart knows how to heal itself, and you can learn how to work with instead of against your pain.
    • When you step back and look at those five areas and what they really mean, it's hard to understand why anyone would even try to separate them - or try to address any of them without your spouse holding you every step of the way!

      So, what is Spiritual Direction based trauma treatment really about?

      In short: Really treating trauma starts with first creating basic stability and then forgetting about all of the symptoms - however flashy they may be - in favour of establishing a place of silence, rest and deep connection to your spiritual self and God through such. Then, it takes letting yourself feel and grieve again - walking through all of those intense emotions back to the shattered sense of self the wounding left behind. It's only then that you and God can, one by one, walk back into the cells you have locked those wounded parts of your heart away in, hear their pain, draw them into your present and release them from the burden of the lies they have carried. You can experience God rewriting the fabric of who you are.

      So you can finally breath normally!

      Spiritual Direction Calgary:

      Christian Counselling and Spiritual Direction Calgary. If you've already run the gauntlet of the symptom-focused PTSD treatment Calgary has to offer, then perhaps it's time to explore something different. Grief Counselling Calgary without Spiritual Direction Calgary is simply incomplete.

      Come, and learn how to put life back together again!


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